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New ways to bring fairness to people

HiiL is an advisory and research agency for the justice sector based in The Hague. Professionals and leading academics from different cultural backgrounds operate in places where justice is really needed the most.

Why are banks, media, or, for example, supermarkets so much more responsive to changing circumstances and new approaches than courts, law firms and publishers of law books? Societies develop continuously, and the needs of people change as a consequence. All industries and organizations respond to this naturally by developing new products, services, methods, and technologies. However, the justice sector holds on to old institutional procedures. There are ancient rules, archaic terminology, and the use of technological tools and services is avoided.


The book Innovating Justice: Developing new ways to bring fairness between people

HiiL is a non-profit advisory and research institute for the international justice sector, based in The Hague, the city of international peace and justice. The work of HiiL focuses on improving rulemaking and conflict resolution. HiiL supports its clients and stakeholders in their cooperation; across borders and making use of the best available knowledge.


Innovating Justice innovation model

HiiL wanted to develop an innovation model to include experience and innovative “best practices”. SILO was asked to translate this model into a working model applicable in practice. The result is an energizing book full of inspiring cases and a clear approach to establishing one’s own “Justice Innovation Act.” The book helps with developing a justice strategy, and includes practical tools and inspiration for the entire work needed in order to also implement the strategy.


SILO_HiiL scrum sessions


This book has been written, developed, and executed using the SCRUM project method. As part of this method, authors, designers, illustrators, and stakeholders work together in 1 space, and a complete section is written, designed, and produced within a fixed time period (sprint).


Spreads from the book Innovating Justice

The result of the first sprint was the complete design of the model and a layout and outline of the book. Functionality and sections were filled in and added during the two following sprints.


Editorial illustrations to explain topics, roles and situations


Editorial illustrations to explain situations

The result is a distinct universe, integrating an innovative design with a funny, friendly, but at the same time transparent pictograph-like illustration style.


Selection of editorial illustrations based on copy


Portret illustrations



This book is intended for anyone wishing to effect a positive change in the field of law and rulemaking. It provides a fresh perspective, an enormous quantity of tips and practical tools, inspiration, and hopefully confidence, which are needed to get started and do all the work.



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    HiiL - The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law
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    Gold - European Design Awards 2014

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