Gap Year test for college and high school students

www.wilweg.nl is a NUFFIC website that provides information concerning studies abroad. The site is intended both for high school students who wish to spend a year abroad following their final exam, and for college students who want a year off to study or do an internship.


The NUFFIC website contains a lot of valuable information, but it is not always appealing or easy to find for high school students.

The objective is to add a tool to www.wilweg.nl which explains the options for a gap year. This tool is a test providing targeted information that fits the user’s situation. The test must be inspiring and fun to do. The results and the test itself must be easy to share via social media.

04_www_phones2.jpg 03_www_ipad.jpg


Silo has developed a “wilwegwijzer” (I’mOffGuide) application that works on smartphones, tablets, and desktop environments. It uses multiple choice questions, and you get instant feedback both via content and visually. Once the test is completed, a clear overview of the advice is displayed, which can be downloaded, shared, and printed.

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