Jim Stolze

Sold out!

The economic model our society is based on must change radically, Jim Stolze claims. Instead of focusing on Return on Investment, we should focus on Return on Attention. ‘Only attention and reputation will be even more uncommon.’

Companies pay too much attention to their financial results; they allocate more budget to new customers than to existing ones, and they are too busy paralyzing us with information and, in the process, burdening us with the hassle of choice. If they go on like this, says Jim Stolze, they will end up in the graveyard of brands that were once known from TV. Companies have apparently not realized that we’ve transitioned from a product economy to an attention economy.

In the seven sections of this book, Stolze describes the new opportunities of the attention economy. After introducing the attention business model, he follows up with appealing practical case studies and in-depth interviews with experts. In certain cases, one pizza seems to be worth more than an advertising campaign of one million euro.


SILO worked together with Jim Stolze and the A.W. Bruna publishing house to develop a provocative cover design and interior for this acclaimed book. SILO used the analogy of a sales receipt to strengthen the title, and integrated this language in the cover and the infographics inside.


Sold out! was nominated for Management Book of the Year 2012. The book stayed for more than 3 months in the sales top 10 of managementboek.nl, with the highest ranking at no. 3.

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