NoW, the new museum for Peace and Justice

From its base in The Hague Humanity House brings big themes such as war, peace and humanity closer to people. And it has witnessed a rising interest in its themes and approach. SILO teams up with Humanity House to ensure that the involvement of people continues growing and to share that involvement with the whole world. In a new venue in The Hague. NoW: Creating Peace for Tomorrow.

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Brand identity basics for NoW The Hague, integrating the logo in latest news and relevant facts

Why NoW?

Peace and freedom in life are fragile. Conflict and war dominate the lives of millions of people around the globe. Through greater understanding, empathy and engagement, NoW believes that everybody can help create a more peaceful world.

The Hague is known around the world as the international city of peace and justice and as the legal capital of the world. The city is home to imposing and iconic buildings set behind high fences where thousands of people strive every day to build a better world.

NoW brings these worlds together. In a vivid and direct manner, NoW shows how these organizations work, inspiring visitors to help create a more peaceful and just world.

Not later, but NoW.

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NoW wants to settle on an appropriate and meaningful place: the premises of the Yugoslavia Tribunal

SILO works with the project team to enable the realization of the new museum. With extensive brainstorming sessions and consultations emerged a clear blueprint for the communication strategy. To set the tone a bid book has been designed in which all the plans have been worked out clearly. The supporting visual identity is direct and powerful, and makes the compelling urgency and topicality of the subject felt.

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Cover images of the bidbook ‘NoW, Creating Peace for Tomorrow’

What is NoW?

NoW actively involves visitors in the pursuit of a more peaceful and just world. Big subjects such as peace and justice are made more vivid through experiences that touch us. NoW inspires visitors to look at the world in a new way and offers insight into the impact of conflict on human lives. Further, NoW allows visitors to see and experience what influence we can exert, not only institutionally but also individually.

-NoW The Hague
A museum of experience with exhibitions and encounters in a building of significance: The United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

-NoW Online
A topical and interactive platform, available always and everywhere full of stories, games, web documentaries, online exhibitions, reports and more.

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NoW wants to operate from an appropriate and meaningful place: the building that houses the Yugoslavia Tribunal. Space will become available inside this building next to the United Nations Mechanism for International Tribunals (MICT). The MICT was established to carry out a number of essential functions of the Yugoslavia tribunal and Rwanda tribunal after the completion of their mandates. NoW brings the remarkable story of this building to life for a large audience.

The creation of NoW strengthens the International Zone as a public destination. It expands the cultural cluster and connects with the international cluster.

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Selection of spreads from the bidbook ‘NoW, Creating Peace for Tomorrow’

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