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Redefining the classroom

In sharp contrast with the rest of the world, the school and classroom format have changed very little over the last couple of centuries. It is still one room, a teacher and a group of students listening obediently.

Gispen and Mecanoo Architects have developed a shared vision for the future of education. The two leading Dutch Design companies combine their expertise to facilitate and improve access to relevant education. By creating flexible environments in which creativity and the exchange of ideas provide a foundation for lifelong learning.

Brand Manifesto

SILO helped define the partnership on a strategic level. We shaped the collective ambitions of the Mecanoo and Gispen into a manifesto that aims to inform and inspire partners and clients that are looking for flexible solutions that are able to adapt to the ever changing specifications of dynamic learning environments.

The result is a friendly and joyful animated brand story. We have developed a simple illustration and animation style that on a visual level further explains the multi-faceted vision of the Mecanoo and Gispen partnership. Bringing the story to life in a way that is accessible for both educators and students.

Knowledge platform

We have created an open knowledge platform Room to learn where the story and developments behind the new brand live. Room to Learn chronicles the development of future learning environments. It investigates what such spaces would look like and what is needed for students and teachers to be able to learn in innovative ways. It also shows Mecanoo and Gispen’s vision, encouraging all interested parties to share their own experiences and ideas.

Roomtolearn website home

Co-creation & Lean development

HUBB is the first product Mecanoo and Gispen developed together in the context of Room to Learn. As a series of modular building blocks, it allows for the creating of learning landscapes that cater to a broad range of education activities. HUBB is unique in shape, materialisation and usability.

HUBB meubel 1

Developed with the principles of Circular Economy, HUBB is responsive to changing needs and requirements in education and a timeless solution for learning environments. Built with materials like recycled PET and steel, responsibly harvested timber, all parts of HUBB can be reused!

HUBB meubel 2

Mecanoo and Gispen invite educational institutions to participate in Room to Learn by creating a pilot environment for HUBB.

HUBB was premiered on January 13, 2016 at the Beurs Facilitair, the leading facility-management trade fair in the Netherlands. To find out more and share your ideas, join Mecanoo and Gispen on


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