Serious gaming

Tygron develops and uses game technology to solve complex problems in the field of spatial planning, climate and water management, among other things. Serious gaming, that is.


Tygron’s serious games provide a safe environment for experiments in spatial area development. In addition, they represent a powerful tool to support urban planning.

Tygron brings stakeholders together inside a virtual 3D environment. They are then able to start discussing the real situation. Not only does this make the search for common solutions easier, it also creates an understanding of the objectives, constraints, and dependencies of others.

Serious Games for urban development have proven to be a great help in bringing together stakeholders and promoting a realistic dialog regarding long-term goals, at the same time allowing them to experiment with how achievable these goals are via a simulation. This makes sure that stakeholders are more involved from the outset of the project and have a better understanding of the case and of other parties, which reduces risks further down the line.


Tygron is currently growing, thanks to an increasing demand on the market for the use of this specific technology. SILO advised Tygron on market strategy, and developed a dynamic brand identity, the website, the user interface for several serious game platforms and virtual exhibitions, including the National Delta Program of the Netherlands.


The new visual identity perfectly matches the state-of-the-art technology of Tygron’s game engine, and helps the company develop further on a professional level on the national and international market.

In October 2014, Tygron launches its game engine for a wider selection of project developers, city planning professionals, and several universities, so as to allow them to develop their own games.

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