Save the Children

Strategy for a charity brand

Save the Children is active in more than 120 countries to help children in underprivileged areas through education, health care and protection to a better future.


Although 14,000 people worldwide actively working for Save the Children to a better future for children every day, this organization is relatively unknown in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is known as a very charitable country. Nowhere in the world are so many organizations and foundations active in the care or support of poorer countries or peoples. One thing they have in common: Fundraising is one of their main tasks. One more reason to provide a good feel to the possible donator for

Save the Children. The brand strategy and visual identity are playing an important role. The charity must act and look reliable, independent and unselfish.


Various international brand guidelines formed a starting point. To operate successful on the Dutch market the communication needed adjustments. Elements were redefined, added and organized. Save the Children Netherlands works with a lot of people, institutions and companies that want to contribute on sponsorship bases. For this reason extra energy was spent on communication about the meaning and vision of Save the Children. Also guidelines for proper use of the brand in many situations were carefully stated. All existing visual communication means were identified and brought into line with each other.


Their strong story (saving children’s lives) in combination with a distinct and recognisable visual identity will make this charity big in The Netherlands. Raised funds grew again last year through more brand visibility, as well as the amount of aided children (488.597!), thanks to Dutch support.

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