Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen en Concertgebouw De Vereeniging

Two stages, one identity

Two cultural venues, both monumental buildings with completely different architecture and appearance. What they share is a joint organization, a location on the same square, and culture loving public of the city of Nijmegen and surroundings.


City Theatre Nijmegen and Concert Hall De Vereeniging, both housing in historic buildings with distinctive architecture and a rich history: the City Theatre has just turned 50 and De Vereeniging celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2015. Per year the venues programs approximately 290 performances and concerts, and serve the business market more than 400 times with rental.

The City Theater and Concert Hall would like to draw more attention in the city of Nijmegen and region. In recent years, the stage is positioned under a joint new name. This has led to a lack of public awareness.


SILO recommended a brand strategy in which the original names were taken as the starting point. A “straight to the point” logo system was designed for both stages, but for each with a separate form component.

Architecture was leading to the choice of a geometric shape: Concertgebouw De Vereeniging, with its characteristic Art Nouveau details was assigned a circle as beacon. The City Theatre, with her clean pragmatic architecture is represented by a square.


The introduction of the new style took place during the official opening of the theater season 2014-15. The new visual identity had an immediate impact on the brand. Visibility has been improved by the simple recognition of the shape and the restored original names of both venues, which every resident of Nijmegen instantly recognizes like no other.

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