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karres+brands is a leading international agency for landscape architecture. Their work encompasses every scale of spatial design, from area strategies and infrastructural projects to parks and gardens, and from urban planning assignments to product design.

The designer as activator

Because of today’s economic conditions, a new age has dawned for landscape architects and urban planners. Spatial programmes have become uncertain. This new time results in a changing role for the designer, wherein a strategic and initiating attitude is important – designers operate in this respect increasingly as director. karres+brands commit themselves not only to the product, but also to guiding the steps in the process, which is crucial: they formulate and schedule urgent tasks. In doing so, karres+brands works with architects, artists, sociologists, ecologists and engineers, among others. The bureau is a true cross-disciplinary, network-centric organisation.


Brand identity and website

SILO designed a logo and visual identity that is minimalistic and gives breathing room for the innovative designs and concepts developed by karres+brands. The website provides a crispy clean and user friendly experience. It provides case studies, stories and large images. The portfolio cases are presented as magazine articles and give the reader a meaningful insight into the assignment and chosen solutions.


The website contains modules for placing video, images and 3d imagery. Through the website’s content management system the editor can edit the website and make cross connections to social media posts and e-mail newsletters.


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