Website inspiring new discoveries

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ is a leading international platform in Amsterdam, with a varied program of contemporary classical music, jazz, electronic pop music, and world music.


The Muziekgebouw is also experiencing the tension between a somewhat inaccessible cultural product and commercial goals. In early 2013, there was a need for a new website that helps reach these goals, therefore weakening the conflict.


Develop a new website that helps visitors make a choice from the large and varied concert offer. Furthermore, the process must inspire visitors to make new discoveries. The website replaces the seasonal brochure.


The result is a website full of images, video, and audio, with a transparent navigation structure and layout. The parts of the Muziekgebouw offer especially brought into the spotlight in the form of visual stories are particularly important. In this way, visitors are able to easily experience the season’s offer from behind their desktop or in the reclining chair with a tablet.

Work method

With the hep of our scrum project method, a new website was developed within a very short time prior to the start of the new theater season.


The Scrum method is exceptionally well suited for products whose end result is not immediately fixed. During the Scrum sessions, the project may evolve by combining the knowledge available.

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