Why study in Holland?

Study in Holland is an initiative of Nuffic, with the goal of promoting Dutch higher education on the global stage, and of informing international students of available opportunities and options. Study in Holland is the starting point of all international students who are thinking about studying in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education (Nuffic) supports the internationalization of higher education, research, and vocational training in the Netherlands and abroad. Together with international Nuffic affiliates, detailed information regarding studying in the Netherlands is made available to students worldwide.


Develop infographics for ‘Study in Holland’. The infographics provide concise information, key figures, and facts about studying in the Netherlands. In addition to a general section, each infographic contains a section that is adapted to the respective affiliated country. The infographics are used both online, via social media, and in print publications.


Silo decided to create a typical Dutch student dorm where residents give you information. The orange house style color ‘Study in Holland’ is at the basis of the Dutch building, made of paper, cotton balls, tissues, etc. The structure resulted in a ‘skyscraper’ on 6 levels, where you can read everything about studying in the Netherlands.

The illustration was made into a Facebook campaign. The online infographic showed, in addition to general information, also specific information, adapted to the visitor’s current location. Useful and practical information is thus optimized by country.

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