Your partner for expansion into foreign markets

Exports and international trade is a matter of great importance for the Dutch economy. Export catalyst Fenedex guides entrepreneurs in their expansion into foreign markets. With more than 1,150 members and more than 4,000 customers Fenedex is the face of Dutch export.


In 2009 SILO developed a brand strategy, detailed in a new visual identity, with the emphasis on the values ‘linking’ and ‘networking’. The new Fenedex logo is a mini world of Dutch exporters, represented by the numerous e’s. The characters ‘F n d x’ are placed between them, as a connection point creating, facilitating and feeding a network of export knowledge: Your Export Network. The quirky typography was described by the New York Times as “one of it’s best uses.”

The economy is always in motion. Especially in recent years, export proved to be a good indicator of the economic situation. Fenedex supports its members with many products and activities, and has classified a number of activity pillars, including knowledge and advice, and education and training. This created the need for differentiation within the brand.


Silo assisted with balancing the inventory of brand values, visual identity and all communication tools. The next step was a phased development of the visual identity that creates space for the differentiation of various products and activities of Fenedex. Colors and style were redefined, photography was added and a labeling system was introduced. Many of the communication tools are redeveloped, including the members’ magazine ‘Globe’.


Despite the decline in economic growth of recent years Fenedex has managed to keep her membership numbers fairly stable. With more emphasis on relevant products and services Fenedex offers its members all the resources for a good performance in foreign markets. Fenedex is ready for the future.

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